Podcasting:  Listen To Our Messages Anywhere

In addition to our messages being available in Video format, they are also available as audio files which allows you to download to your PC, Mac, or portable internet-enabled device.  Our audio files are available as podcasts.  If you are not sure what a podcast is, a brief tutorial is provided below:

What is a Podcast?

A Podcasts is a radio show, sermon, or other audio program that is recorded as a digital audio file.  This audio file is made available on the internet where you can download it to your favorite internet-enabled device.  Examples of these devices are smartphones, iPhones, iPods, MP3 player, Tablets, iPad, and ofcourse, your computer.  Just like your favorite TV show appears in episodes, podcasts are also available in a series of episodes.  These new episodes can automatically be downloaded to your device when you subscribe to the program.      

Where Can I Find Podcasts?

You need a software program that allows you access these podcasts.  There are 2 programs available depending what type of device you are using:

iTunes:  (Compatible with PC or Mac & any portable Apple product such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod)
iTunes is a well known and popular software program that allows you browse 1000's of podcasts.  iTunes must be downloaded to your computer or internet-enabled device to access it.  Once downloaded, within iTunes you can subscribe to a podcast program.  When you subscribe to a podcast program, new episodes are automatically downloaded to your device.  You may also change the settings and download previously released episodes as well!

Podcast Addict: (Compatible with Android devices only)
Unfortunately, iTunes is not compatible for Android devices.  However, Podcast Addict has the same access to iTune's vast catalog of of podcasts.  Podcast Addict is directly installed to your Android device.  Within Podcast Addict, you can subscribe to a podcast program.

Are You Ready To Give It A Try?

Step 1. Download the Software:

Download Software Here >> iTunes 
Download Software Here >>  Podcast Addict  

Step 2.  Subscribe To Our Podcasts

Within iTunes:  
•  Click here to visit our podcasts page within iTunes or type "CalvaryCW Podcasts" in the Search field
•  Click the "Subscribe" button 

Within Podcast Addict:
• Access the Search Engine, type "calvarycw" in the search engine field
• Click the "Subscribe" button, within a few moments, our podcasts episodes will appear on your screen

Need Help?
•  Email Our Media Team for assistance:  Click here
•  A Media Ministry team member is available before/after service

This is not an endorsement for iTunes or Podcast Addict.  We do not receive any compensation for recommending these services.  These are well-established programs that are used by members of our Media Ministry.